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Honky Tonk Laundry
Millbrook Playhouse 2018
Written by Roger Ellis •  Directed by Marc De La Concha

Move over, Thelma and Louise! When Lana Mae Hopkins, owner and proprietress of the Wishy Washy Washateria, hires Katie to help out in the laundromat, they soon find themselves up to their elbows in soap, suds, and cheatin’ hearts. Watch these two country angels join forces to turn their good ol’ laundromat into a bootscootin’ honky-tonk, exacting a touch of revenge against those that done ‘em wrong, all while guaranteeing every customer a good, clean time! Take a ride to Nashville heaven in this new musical. 



Alice Formerly of Wonderland
Mars Theatre
Wyoming Theatre Festival 2016
Written by Mark Saltzman •  Directed by Kent Nicholson

Emmy award winner Mark Saltzman's new play about Alice. Yes, THAT Alice — Alice Liddell, who, as a child, was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s immortal story. Now Alice is in her teen years, living at Oxford where her father serves as a Dean. History tells us that in 1871, Prince Leopold, youngest son of Queen Victoria, enrolled in Oxford and was enchanted by the famous and beautiful Alice. This romantic comedy tells the tale of the Prince’s courtship of Alice and the Queen’s furious objections. All is accompanied by well-known songs of the era and a few glimpses of the creatures of Alice’s Wonderland.

Directed by Kent Nicholson, Director of Musical Theatre and Literary Associate at Playwrights Horizons.

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